Global Goals League

LaLiga and Global Goals World Cup / EIR are joining forces to introduce a new female football league and scoring system with local implementing partner Rise for Good. Each team will play for a Global Goal and are scored in five point categories per match. The first game is taking place in Jordan.

A Tree For Life

A Tree for Life is a tree planting campaign where individuals across the globe are invited to plant a tree that will eventually yield fruit or vegetables to achieve the dual mission of combatting climate change and overcoming the food crisis.

Join us by uploading your actions to the campaign website. After doing so, you will receive an e-certificate for your valuable contribution in reducing the carbon footprint!

17 Goals: 100 Businesses. Learn how the UK’s biggest companies are supporting the UN Global Goals with Support the Goals.

Join Support the Goals to learn how the UK’s biggest companies are supporting the UN Global Goals.

A year on from the launch of our FTSE350 report, which compiled three years of data showing how the UK’s biggest companies are supporting the UN Global Goals, and as a GGW partner, we present the findings of our latest FTSE100 research. Join this event to learn how (and even if) the most influential businesses in the UK are currently contributing to the UN Global Goals.

Global Goals Social + Liverpool’s Business Avengers Launch

In addition to catching up with impact champions from all sectors the end of Global Goals Week: Liverpool 2022, 2030hub will also be launching Liverpool’s Business Avengers — our celebration of the best local big and small businesses acting as a force for good.

Based on the Global Goals Business Avengers, it represents the first ever city-level approach. This will be a wonderful opportunity for sustainability-driven businesses, social enterprises, B Corps and all sectors to connect in celebration of Liverpool’s best businesses.

Report on Progress and Setbacks around SDG 16

According to the United Nations, a record number of 100 million people have been forced from their homes since May 2022 alone. As of the end of 2020, a quarter of the planet’s population lives in countries affected by violent conflict. In this Facebook Live event, we will address the challenges, progress and setbacks that SDG 16 has faced in calling for a #CeaseFire to prevent loss of human life and socioeconomic instability.

Sustainable Food Systems: Active Childhood

13.3% of the world’s food is lost after harvest and before reaching retail markets, while 17% of all food is wasted at the individual consumer level. In this Facebook Live event with Chef Oropeza, we will learn about the importance of a sustainable and healthy diet, healthy snacking, reducing the use of plant-based proteins, and raising awareness and how to reduce food waste and loss.

Island Resilience Forum at SDG Lounge

The Island Resilience Forum at the SDG Lounge will be a follow-up to the Island Resilience Summit at Earthx2022 that took place on Earth Day this year. The invite-only program will build upon the partnerships that were highlighted with progress reports and calls to action.

UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony

The UN SDG Action Awards are finally here! After receiving over 3,000 applications from 150 countries and narrowing them down to 9 incredible finalists; the WINNERS of the 2022 edition will be unveiled in a special Awards Ceremony. The categories are Mobilize, Inspire and Connect, and this year we also recognize Changemakers that drive transformative action around the world.

Join us for an evening of inspiration, performances by Inna Modja, Mame Balla and Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile and dynamic speeches from our finalists and esteemed panel of judges.

Global Youth Forum at SDG Lounge

The Global Youth Forum at SDG Lounge will be a follow-up to the Global Youth Summit at Earthx2022 that took place on Earth Day this year. This invite-only program will build upon the partnerships that were highlighted with progress reports and calls to action.

Generalist, specialist, or both? A new strategy for business action on the SDGs

Businesses need to take action on the SDGs. Is it better to be a specialist, focusing on a single SDG, or work towards all 17 in a generalist framework?

Learn more with B Lab Global’s Insights Team, a B Corp leader, and the authors of ‘Becoming a generalized specialist: a strategic model for increasing your organization’s SDG impact while minimizing externalities’.

Multilateralism as a Way Forward: Managing the “Mega-Crisis”

This invite-only session of the SDG Lounge, in partnership with Club de Madrid, will focus on the mega-crisis and the role of democracy and democracy-driven organizations in responding effectively to it. We will also discuss Club de Madrid’s work as well as the challenges and importance of promoting multilateralism and public-private partnerships to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

Circular Economy and Sustainable Water Management

Water is at the heart of sustainable development, yet today our water sources are at risk. In this Facebook Live webinar, Strategy Circular MX will share how it has helped companies and organizations to define and implement strategies based on the principles and business models of a circular economy. In particular, it will discuss how the transition to a circular economy can help achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water through technological development.

Paying Early Attention to Zero- to Six-Year-Olds

This Facebook Live event seeks to discuss an approach focusing on the population of zero- to six-year-olds with perinatal sequelae and follow up on their neurodevelopment through a specialized transdisciplinary team in order to prevent or minimize negative outcomes. The approach includes their family and environment with the aim of improving participation and social inclusion.

Role of the Legislative Power in the Fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda

The involvement of all sectors and actors is of vital importance in working towards the 2030 Agenda. Governments play an important role through programs and the designation of taxes for the improvement of their countries and localities. For this reason, they need to understand how they can act.

This Facebook Live event will discuss how daily decisions made by legislative powers can be used to fulfill the 2030 Agenda.