Tree for Life Campaign

Join us for a tree planting campaign to yield fruit and vegetables in order to combat climate change and provide a solution to the anticipated food crisis around the world.

Getting going: Breaking down the barriers to corporate climate action

Oliver Wyman and Climate Group recently interviewed over 25 corporate sustainability leaders on their experiences turning their climate commitments into action. This session will draw on key insights from this research to explore some of the main barriers and enablers in the transition to net zero. Participants will share their own pain points, successes, and challenges associated with driving the climate transition

Building city resilience

Cities are leading the charge to get it done in the fight against climate change. But they are also under enormous pressures when it comes to delivering public services, upgrading their energy infrastructures and dealing with the consequences of extreme weather events. Investing in energy efficiency provides cities with many co-benefits, helping to achieve their climate goals, as well as presenting wider socio-economic opportunities.

Unlocking collaboration across the Americas

States, regions, and businesses across the Americas face common challenges when addressing and implementing climate policy. Shared borders, geography, and trade agreements mean that successful climate policies are dependent on collaboration.

This session aims to address these common challenges and highlight potential shared solutions by breaking down silos between government, business, and other key stakeholders. In this way we can enable meaningful collaboration and identify key target areas.

The winning formula: Creating an American green hydrogen economy

Green hydrogen will play a crucial role in the decarbonization strategies for governments and businesses. Hydrogen is a solution for stationary applications or for fuel heavy transport, including aviation and shipping.

In this closed-door roundtable we will discuss the opportunity green hydrogen offers to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors and how increased collaboration between states, federal government, and the private sector can accelerate the delivery of this new green resource.

Actions after impacts: How can businesses address climate losses and damages?

Millions of people are suffering from climate change impacts. Science is unequivocal that these will increase in magnitude and frequency. No sector, no business, no community will escape from having to recover from climate losses and damages. Action is needed now. The great double injustice is that those who have done the least to cause climate change are among those paying the highest price.

Leading with purpose: Driving meaningful corporate engagement on global climate justice

Delivering economically just, and globally inclusive solutions to the challenges posed by the climate crisis sits at the heart of the climate justice debate. This session will delve into this topic, exploring the intersection of people and planet. Participants will be joined by leaders from the climate and environmental justice movement to analyze the current state of the movement in North America and the Global South.

The Climate Pledge in action: Net-zero carbon by 2040

The Climate Pledge is a cross-sector community of companies working together to reach net-zero carbon by 2040. The partnership formed by signatories Amazon and Infinium, is a great example of this collaboration in action.

Join this session to learn more about The Climate Pledge, The Climate Pledge Fund and more about signatories working together to reach net-zero carbon by 2040.

Accelerating the transition to clean energy and a green economy

The 2020s are critical to laying the bedrock for achieving ambitious climate goals laid out by countries, governments and the private sector. Over the next decade, moving towards low carbon alternatives such as renewable energy, hydrogen and clean electricity and deploying new, innovative technologies will be pivotal in meeting the challenges of the climate crisis. The panel will bring together government, business, and industry experts to reflect on the barriers, solutions, and policy required.

Under2 Coalition General Assembly

The Under2 Coalition General Assembly is the annual meeting of our member states and regions. It brings us together to share knowledge and first-hand experience of climate action and to challenge the international community to increase its ambition and play its part.

This year we look forward to hearing from our five co-chairs for 2022-2024 as well as governors, premiers and first ministers from across our global membership. We look at how we and our networks work towards a net zero world.

The Climate Pledge in action: net-zero carbon by 2040

The Climate Pledge is a cross-sector community of companies & organizations working together to address the climate crisis and solve the challenges of decarbonizing our economy. Bringing together those that are prepared to run the furthest and fastest, The Climate Pledge calls on its cross-sector community of more than 300 signatories and counting to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040‚ years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

Advancing Environmental Health Equity

Climate change is a global public health crisis, but the impacts are not distributed equally. While work to mitigate climate change is essential, action must also be taken to accelerate resiliency and adaptation – especially in communities that are feeling the impacts of climate change today. This session by Johnson & Johnson will bring together frontline healthcare workers, climate specialists and community advocates to discuss both the challenges and opportunities for climate change and health equity.

School Meals Coalition Week

The School Meals Coalition is launching the first School Meals Coalition Week: five days of virtual programming led by its members and partners from around the world.

The week is a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, learnings and input to showcase the power of school meals and chart the future of the Coalition.


Commercially Scalable Global Health Solutions: Business Models & Co-Investment Partnerships to Drive Success

Investor interest in commercially scalable health technologies that meet system gaps in emerging markets is growing exponentially. Technology advances are being harnessed by entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, networks to scale. The absorptive capacity in the health sector of low- and middle-income countries is immense. This session draws on frontline experiences of successful companies, active investors and multilateral development stakeholders.

Accelerate2030 Meets Geneva: Unlocking Financing for the Missing Middle

Accelerate2030 entrepreneurs from developing and emerging markets will engage with the Geneva ecosystem to showcase their innovative and regenerative solutions for the SDGs. Through conversations with investors and development sector leaders, we will confront the financial gap and discuss innovative and tech-enabled solutions that could change the status-quo.