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Jan 1


Inequality and Climate Change: The Double Threat to Life on Earth


Through the work of global photographers, UNDP brings into focus the intertwined threat of rising inequality and climate change. The twin threats of climate change and rising inequality are challenging and unprecedented obstacles for our world. And they are deeply intertwined. While almost no one will be immune to the increasingly savage effects of a heating planet, it’s the poor who are going to suffer most. Inequality is a paradox of our times; in recent decades innovation has exploded, poverty has gone down, and emerging markets are booming. Yet we still see widening and unprecedented gaps between haves and have nots. These glaring discrepancies are not only unfair, they are dangerous. They undermine our political systems, human rights, peace and security, and a sustainable future. And inequality has a powerful accomplice in climate change. It is a cruel irony that the poorest who have done the least to heat the planet, suffer first, and the most, from the consequences. They are losing their culture, history, homes, land, incomes, health, and education. These photographers are bearing witness to our heating and increasingly unequal planet. Holding a mirror to the two threats that we urgently need to recognize and address if we are to survive and create a sustainable future.