Building An African Innovation Ecosystem in New York

Join Impact Hub in celebrating Africa’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem on Kwame Nkrumah Day, at our 3rd annual event on the sidelines of the 78th United Nations General Assembly. Get ready to connect with passionate entrepreneurs and stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic, in alignment with the 2030 Development Goals. Delicious African food and drinks provided!

Planetizen Assembly 2023: Towards a Planetizen University

In reply to the Transforming Education Summit’s Youth Declaration, the UN Secretary-General defined 4 ways to interact with youth:

– Ignore
– Pretend to Listen
– Dialogue
– Co-Construct the Future

However, the fourth method has yet to be invented. To co-construct the future, the youth present at UNGA or online are invited to an inter-generational panel to share how a planetizen university could be co-designed by youth, culminating in the launch of a Concept-U design contest.

Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanup

Join us for an Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanup at Toronto’s Woodbine Beach Park! The litter you collect will provide Ocean Wise with essential information for addressing pollution at its source. Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanups are just one component of our work to reduce the flow of plastic into our ocean. We also engage with individuals, businesses and research groups, reaching a wide group of stakeholders to have a bigger impact on plastic pollution.

SDG Innovation Challenge 2023

Designed as a virtual, pan-African collaboration space, the SDG Innovation Challenge is a powerhouse for young Africans (18-35 years) to develop cross-boundary, sustainable solutions to grassroots challenges in order to further the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the grassroots level up. Since 2020, this challenge has called upon participants to employ creativity, collaboration, and complex thinking to tackle problems measurably and systematically.

The Role of Education, Science and Technology on the Survival of the Amazon

Education, Science and Technology are addressed explicitly and recognized in various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), showing its important role in sustainable development of any socioeconomic and natural ecosystem, such as the Amazon. For this reason, we are excited to invite you to the upcoming session of the Science Summit at UNGA78 organized by the Science Panel for the Amazon together with VALE, where we will explore the importance of the Amazon to the region and to the world.

Supporting Bioeconomies of a Healthy Standing Forest and Flowing Rivers

This event aims to highlight the potential for a bioeconomy of healthy standing forests and flowing rivers in the Amazon, leveraged by investments in ST&I. The Science Panel for the Amazon will present a policy brief called, “Supporting Bioeconomies of Healthy Standing Forests and Flowing Rivers”, outlining the need for a new bioeconomy in the Amazon and providing science-based, data-driven recommendations to conserve the forest, transform the Amazonian economy, and support Amazonian peoples.

The Role of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Conserving the Amazon and Preventing Tipping Points

During the session, experts will address Amazon’s carbon source risks and tipping point concerns. A comprehensive analysis of deforestation trends, including projections, will be presented. Indigenous territories’ threats, ecosystem services, and transnational initiatives will be discussed. Indigenous People’s experiences in managing territories and collaboration between sciences will be explored. Challenges and opportunities in improving local territorial management will be highlighted.

Future-Resilient Skills & Education

World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) – an initiative of Qatar Foundation, and Goodwall – is an education technology platform and social network for skill development. WISE is organizing a three-hour panel and action table session on access to future-resilient skills and how to align higher education with evolving job market values and demands.

Torchbearers for the SDGs: Meaningful Youth Engagement & the 2030 Agenda

Towards the SDG Summit 2023, OSGEY alongside MGCY & ICMYO facilitated a youth-led meaningful youth engagement roadmap that included a series of consultations. The process will culminate in the SDG Action Weekend, particularly during the “Torchbearers for the SDGs: Meaningful Youth Engagement & the 2030 Agenda” session. The outcomes of the consultations will be unveiled as an outcome document, alongside the final version of the Global Youth Position Paper for the SDG Summit.

Closing the Corporate Accountability Gap in Support of the SDGs

During this high-level panel and networking event, WBA will launch its white paper on corporate accountability in pursuit of the SDGs. The paper puts forward an understanding of corporate accountability in the context of global agenda and as a process that involves many stakeholders and in its ability to transform companies. We will bring together leaders across governments, businesses, and civil society and more, to better understand each of our roles in closing the corporate accountability gap.

Decarbonizing Agriculture: Renewable Energy and the Sustainable Future of Food

During Climate Week NYC 2023, Power for All is hosting a webinar with participation from IRENA, UN FAO, and others. This session will delve into the intersection of Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 7. We welcome you to join this enlightening discussion where we’ll present our primary research findings. Discover how distributed renewable energy (DRE) can amplify agricultural productivity, contribute to the decarbonization of the food system and curtail greenhouse gas emissions.

Provoke Joy! – The Final Story

Looking at the circle of colors that compose the SDG logo, we see that this “hole” in the middle can actually be the “whole” – the essence – the space we are all invited to fill with our creativity, our passion, and compassion. It gives its wholeness to this Agenda 2030, which, beyond an agenda for sustainable development, should and will be an agenda for reconnection and regeneration.

Its origin lies in words casually spoken by Sir David Nabarro during a private conversation.

Provoke Joy! – The Narrative

While there are deep concerns about the efficiency and level of waste in the food system, people, especially youth, want to believe that change in the food system is possible. How might experiences change if they were designed to provoke joy? How might policies and institutions be different if we aspired towards a joyful society? How might we see those we are designing for differently, if we understood their joy?

PROVOKE JOY (SDG 0) – Ultimate Goal of Agenda 2030

SDG 0 represents the notion that joy should be at the center of how we approach solving global issues like food system transformation rather than starting from a place of fear or despair. PROVOKE JOY invites you to join the discussion that promises to redefine the narrative around progress and infuse it with an element that has long been overlooked – JOY (Sustainable Development Goal 0).

Global Goals Challenge

The Global Goals Challenge is call-to-innovation competition which advances Agenda 2030 and promotes long-term sustainable development. Through the Challenge, a statement that there are entrepreneurial and socially-driven young minds committed to the undertaking of improving the state of the world is sent. If you are between the ages of 15 – 24, join the Global Goals Challenge and become an entrepreneur by applying science, technology, and heart to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.

Climate Innovators Café

Join an international gathering of innovators working on global solutions to climate change. The evening will kick off with a keynote by Peter Freudenstein, Climate Policy Manager at the renowned Swiss company Climeworks, which specializes in direct air capture (DAC) technology. Next, a group of climatetech founders will take the stage to deliver rapid-fire pitches unveiling their next-generation technology.

UN SDG Action Zone

The SDG Action Zone provides a meaningful platform for a diverse range of actors, to share perspectives, spotlight solutions, exchange ideas, and build a community to inspire pathways into change and boost the powerful movement for the SDGs.

The 2023 edition ‘Raising Accountability’ will address elements of responsibility and focus on the intersection and interconnectedness of people and planet. The conversations will set the vision for a sustainable world for everyone, everywhere.

TM x I CAN Superheroes for Change: Spotlight Series

In conjunction with the Global Goals Week 2023, the I CAN Spotlight Event is a 1.5 hr curated online session for students, teachers, key stakeholders, and the general public to learn more about the program, inspire action, and collaborate towards investing in the next generation of young innovators and changemakers in Malaysia. The I CAN Superheroes for Change pilot program is designed for aspiring young change-makers and innovators (13-17 years) and teachers.

MCC: Celebrating Partnerships and Advancing the Global Goals

The United States remains committed to fully implementing the 2030 Agenda and all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a more sustainable and prosperous world. For nearly two decades, the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) high-impact investments have supported countries in delivering on their SDG ambitions.

Cohosted with the United Nations Foundation, join us on Monday, September 18th, 2023, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, for an action-oriented reception entitled, “MCC: Celebrating Partnerships and Advancing the Global Goals” as we delve into the crucial role of country-led partnerships in achieving the UN Global Goals. This event aims to inspire and mobilize diverse stakeholders to collaborate, innovate, and drive results that contribute to a more equitable future for all.

Light refreshments and drinks will be served.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Alice Albright, CEO, Millennium Challenge Corporation
  • His Excellency Lazarus Chakwera, President of Malawi
  • His Excellency José Ramos-Horta, President of Timor-Leste