Exposición de Sensibilización “Todos Podemos Lograrlo”

An exhibition will be developed in recognition of the work of artists with disabilities, in order to highlight their skills and strengths as actors of global change. Additionally, this event will note the importance of inclusion in the daily lives of children with disabilities or special lifestyles.

Allies for this event include Territory and Memory and Peace Youth Network.

Dialogo Local: Voces Juveniles por la Acción Climática

This event seeks to amplify youth voices at a national level for the construction of the future that youth want.

Allies include One Five, Green C, Movement 0, Fridays for Future, Motum, Tremendas, Youth Against Extinction, and 1000 Shares For a Change.

Diálogo Loca ONU 75 El Salvador

Our activity will consist of publicizing the work of the United Nations and how it plays an important role in our society, mainly in El Salvador. Simultaneously, we will join efforts so that the voices of young people can be heard, and we will participate together in the UN 75 survey.

Conociendo Los ODS

Allied organizations will support the diffusion of informative arts to generate a greater impact on the youth and to make them aware of the importance of the SDGs.

Allies include Eduserver, Generation 2020, Community Tourism Trails, Network of Leaders for Democracy and Development (RELIDD), SENTILUZ, Young People United for Transformation Through Art (JUNTARTE), Network of IKIGAI Leaders Lidera Transforma, Tejiendo Culture radio program, MUSA Inspiration That Nurtures, Willka Warmis Justice and Equity, The Messy Room, MEANING Guiding You to Success, and the Bolivian Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (CEBEM).

Las juventudes rurales y los ODS

As part of SDG Action Week, we will talk about rural communities and the SDGs, learning how to work with them, what communities and youth are asking of the SDGs, and what the youth perspective on the SDG is. Allies include Youth Collective for Change and National Network of Youth Nicaragua.

ODS y la Juventud

A virtual session will be held to strengthen SDGs 10 and 17, generate spaces for analysis, generate opinions regarding the position of the Youth and the development of the Agenda 2030, and influence the reduction of inequality.

Las ODS y su importancia dentro de las organizaciones juveniles

The purpose of this activity is to allow invited panelists to comment on the importance of the SDGs and to provide a message to the youth so that they can learn about the objectives of sustainable development. The activity will take place on Tuesday, September 29th through a live transmission from the website of Amtasiñani Bolivia.

Allies include Community Tourism Trails, Network of Leaders for Democracy and Development (RELIDD), SENTILUZ, Young People United for Transformation Through Art (JUNTARTE), Network of IKIGAI Leaders, Tejienddo Culture radio program, Inspiration That Nurtures, Willka Warmis Justice and Equity, The Messy Room, the Bolivian Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (CEBEM), and more.

Primer foro “Juégatela por los ODS”

Through the forum “Play for the SDGs,” we discussed what the SDGs are and why they are important. With the help of the director of the SDG Regional Observatory of the Universidad of the Andes, we will provide relevant information about their implementation in LAC and specifically in Colombia, in relation to the My World 2030 survey. Allies of this event include SDG Regional Observatory of the University of the Andes.

Conferencia: La Pobreza En Colombia

We will hold a conference with fellow political scientists from the Universidad El Bosque as part of SDG 1 in relation to Colombia. The objective of this conference is to look at different indexes and exercises that have been done to work on the sustainable development goals.

Ciclo de Webinars sobre los ODS: Juventud Rural activando sus economías

Within the framework of Agenda 2030, we believe that to achieve SDG 8, all young people must have access to formal and decent work. Rural youth have a fundamental role in the development of the country, since they are the main engine of economic growth as well as the guardians of food security. In spite of the limitations present in rural areas, many young people have been knocking them down through effort and dedication. They not only seek their personal well-being, but also benefit and empower their communities. We invite you to know the stories that encourage us to continue fighting and working for a more just Peru.

Conferencia: Ecoturismo, Actualidad y áreas naturales.

Activity number one highlights the regional dialogues realized by the week of action. Our second principal activity is a conference to announce the reality and importance of ecotourism in natural areas. Ecotourism contributes to the achievements of the objectives of sustainable development.

Allies include Sernanp, Quilkay Wetlands Diffusion Group, CECOS-Costa Rica, and Hills of Paradise.

Comunidad 2030: ODS 16 Paz, justicia e instituciones sólidas

As #Citizen Ambassadors2030 and all youth, we are committed to the changes we want for people, the planet, and to achieve peace. Young people have organized themselves to demand action for climate change, to advocate for gender equality, and to promote action for the development of their communities.

This is why we will identify with #SDG16, which seeks to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provides access to justice for all, and builds effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Dialogo Regional y Voto Simultaneo Regional de la Encuesta un mundo de Onu75

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and through the UN75 survey, we continue to develop the activities of the Citizen Ambassadors Agenda 2030 program in order to bring the voices of thousands of people to the United Nations and world leaders. Allies include Conscious Food Movement and Ecological Urban Gardens Tarija.

Challenge #NosMovemODS

The challenge #NosMovemODS seeks to raise awareness on how we can fulfill the SDGs. In the social networks of JODS NETWORK, different challenges will be carried out and shared across platforms.

Taller de Gestión de Residuos Solidos

A workshop will be held via Zoom through which we will explain 3 projects of triple impact on the theme of Solid Waste Management related to the objective of SDG 12, responsible production and consumption. The workshop will give guidelines on how a person can reduce their impact on the daily generation of waste, highlight the development of ecological art, and take advantage of the UN 75 survey. With this activity, PBACC LA PAZ joins the Week of Action.

Situación y perspectivas del acuerdo de Escazú para Latinoamérica: Una mirada desde la Juventud

This conversation will deal with the challenges that the Escazú Agreement has faced in the different contexts of Latin America. Each guest will express how youth have or have not been involved in the process of ratifying the agreement.

Allies include Mexican Youth Against Climate Change (Mexico), Peruvian Youth Against Climate Change (Peru), Network of Young Leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean in Protected and Conserved Areas (Argentina), and Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad (Colombia).


ODS Por El Planeta

Information about the importance of SDGs 6, 13, 14, and 15 will be transmitted through the platform of the Arequipa Environmental Roundtable by means of the Radio Voices Ambientales.