UN75 Dialogue: Gender Equality

The dialogue is part of the UN’s 75th-anniversary effort to hold global conversations on how we can shape our future together. This mass listening exercise aims to capture people’s hopes and fears of the world and how we can drive gender equality forward and to crowdsource solutions on this global challenge. WE are capturing the voices form OUR global community.

Ciclo de conferencias: Nuestro reto 2030

This lecture series will be held as part of the commemoration of the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations. Through six conferences, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the SDGs and how they can contribute to their fulfillment.

ODS Por El Planeta

A didactic workshop will be held where information will be shared on the subject of sexual education, also mentioning the importance of SDG 3, health and well-being, SDG 4, quality education, SDG 5, gender equality, and SDG 10, reduction of inequalities.

Juventudes Diversas Dialogos Locales ONU75

There will be a conversation on September 21st in which panelists will address issues surrounding SDGs, delving into the characteristics of each one.

The SDGs chosen are SDG 3, Ensuring Healthy Living and Promoting Wellness for All Ages, SDG 4, Ensuring inclusive, equitable, quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all, SDG 5, Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, SDG 10, Reducing Inequality in and Between Countries, SDG 12, Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, SDG 15, Protecting, restoring and promoting the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, implementing sustainable forest management, combating desertification, halting and reversing land degradation and halting the loss of biodiversity, SDG 16, promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, facilitating access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels, and SDG 17, strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development.

Votacion Simultanea De La Encuesta ONU 75

A dialogue with all of the members of the national network of diverse youth is planned to strengthen knowledge on issues of Agenda 2030. The session will be recorded and uploaded on the YouTube channel for the National Network of Diverse Youth.

Allies include Youth for Comprehensive Health and Impulse Group.

Voto Simultaneo Encuesta Mi Mundo

The UN75 Survey will be broadcast and youth will be encouraged to carry out a simultaneous vote.

Allies include Impulse Group and Youth for Comprehensive Health.

Feria Virtual de Carreras

“Pensemos Chile” (Let’s think about Chile) promotes citizen participation of communities with access barriers, such as people with disabilities and women. This is oriented to promote participation in different sectors of society, both public and private, as well as incorporation in electoral processes. This highlights the importance of creating a more diverse and equal country.

Allies include Women Code Mérida, Raise Up NGO, Women D’or, and Giulemy Project.

Cumbre Internacional sobre el Tratado de Escazú

Participants discussed SDGs 11, Sustainable Cities & Communities, 13, Climate Action, and 17, Partnerships for the Goals.

Allies include Fridays for Future México, Environmental Rights and Human Resources, DAR, and 15 Girl Up Clubs of the United Nations Foundation.

Conferencia 1: Cambiar el mundo con acciones grandes y pequeñas

In this lecture, attendees will learn about the SDGs and were shown options of how to actively advocate for them and change our world to be more just and environmentally sustainable. Attendees will also have the opportunity to answer the My World Survey and the UN75 Survey.

Foro ODS 13

This is a virtual forum on SDG 13 with panelists from San Carlos de Guatemala University, the Student Ecological Movement, Leaders for the Environment, and Collective Madre Selva.

“Es Tiempo De Participar”, ONU 75

The objective of this event is to achieve participation in the simultaneous vote of the My World 2030 survey. On September 21, the video of the My World 2030 survey will be published. 

La Carta de la Tierra y Mi Escuela 2030

The objective of this event is to achieve maximum dissemination and awareness of the UN 75 One Minute Survey. The activity will be broadcast on September 23rd through social media.

Allies include the Isabel Herrera Obaldia Professional School of the Republic of Panama and Professor Teresa Argüelles.

La Carta de la Tierra y el Voto Simultáneo Regional de la Encuesta Mi Mundo 2030

This activity will be carried out through Teams with the students of the Professional School Isabel Herrera Obaldía, in which the antecedents of the objectives of sustainable development, SDG 12, Production and Responsible Consumption, and the Earth Charter will be discussed.

There will be a workshop on the dynamics of the SDGs, as well as a conversation with Professor Teresa Argüelles.

Pensemos Chile

This workshop, titled “Knowing my rights and the importance of communities,” will occur with the participation of feminist sociologist Micaela Giesecke. Topics of discussion include girls rights, a focus on the importance of recognizing different systems of oppression, as well as a look at the privileges that individuals may hold and how these privileges can make other struggles visible.

¿Qué clase de mundo queremos crear?

An informative video will be made for the activity “Community 2030,” and will include a call for young volunteers to discuss the kind of world they envision for their future.

Allies include UNICEF Bolivia.

Jóvenes por los ODS

There will be dissemination of the testimony of young people who carry out actions that contribute to the fulfillment of the SDGs through short IGTV videos published during the month of September. Published content will include information about what the SDG are, as well as testimonials from youth inviting action for SDG compliance.

Allies include Chat Noir, Las Lomitas Volunteers, and the Pata Pila Franciscan Civil Association.

Comunidad 2030

For the week of the SDG, there will be a space in our School of Empowerment to promote the My World 2030 Survey for Peruvian girls. We will also engage in local dialogues on challenges to achieving greater momentum for the SDGs and Action Plan 2030.

Allies include Girl Up Sulans, Girl Up Cuzco, ONG Peruanísimo, and Visit for Good ONG.

Escuela de Empoderamiento Femenino

Empowerment School is a program that includes a series of interesting and important workshops to strengthen self-esteem and emotional intelligence.

Allies include the Municipality of Lima, Girl Up Sulans, and Girl Up Cuzco.

Batalla Conceptiva

A didactic workshop will be held where information will be shared on the subject of sexual education, also mentioning the importance of the SDG 3, health and welfare, SDG 4, education, SDG 5, gender, and SDG 10, inequality.

Allies included Volunteers of David and Arequipa Interquorum Network.