SDG Media Zone

The SDG Media Zone

A live format of interviews, panel discussions and other digital content — seeks to create, connect, and highlight initiatives by the global community to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Since 2016, the SDG Media Zone has been one of the main features of the UN General Assembly high-level week, bringing together UN Member States, content creators, influencers, activists and media partners to highlight actions and solutions in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Hosted by the UN Department of Global Communications in collaboration with the PVBLIC Foundation, the UN System, and media participants, the SDG Media Zone takes the conversation on advancing the 2030 Agenda out of the policy sphere and into the public discourse through impactful in-depth interviews, panel discussions and TED-style talks.

SDG Media Zone, 19-23 September 2022

Intersecting global crises are threatening the 17 SDGs. At the SDG Media Zone at UNGA 77, we are committed to highlighting the tireless efforts of the global community, and the voices and needs of the people we serve. We aim to reach and inspire audiences everywhere, including beyond the international community, through meaningful content collaborations with media organizations interested in focusing on solutions for a better world. Join us and be part of conversations on the transformation and solutions needed to achieve the SDGs.

Check out the SDG Media Zone and stay tuned for conversations that matter.